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Fireplace Extrordinair

Bellfire fireplaces are a superior radiant firebox combining advanced casting techniques, high temperature, and high alumina ladle cast refractory. Bellfire units are the finest heat producing open fireplaces to be found. Whether used to upgrade old metal or masonry fireboxes or in new construction,you can experience the Bellfire advantage, today’s thinking in efficient environmentally positive
fireplace design.

Other Bellfire qualities to consider: Heat storage, their refractory liner stores a tremendous amount of heat, allowing firebox temperatures to elevate well above the range of the conventional fireplace. Complete combustion with no visible smoke emittingfrom the chimney top are the hallmarks of this design. The Bellfire’s refractory firebox releases
its stored up heat into your living space long after the fire has subsided. The Bellfire’s “Apex” located on the back wall creates a hot spot that radiates heat back into the fire and out into the room. The “Apex” turns the Bellfire into an incinerator and a real home heater.