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For fireplaces in the Hamptons, we're the Hamptons' - Long Island's East End - Hearth Specialists! Sag Harbor Fireplace offers quality service for your chimney, fireplace, and wood stove and an outstanding selection of hearth products. The most recognized and trusted name in the hearth industry for the Hamptons, Long Island, New York.



• Chimney and Flue Cleaning
• Fireplace/Fire feature Design and Installation
• Chimney Repair and Maintenance
• Masonry
• Fireplace Products and Accessories

Michael Scanlon Chimney and Fireplace Services, Inc.

Need your chimney swept? 
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Regular chimney and heating system inspections and cleanings by a CSIA Certified Sweep are critical to your family’s safety and finances. Without proper treatment, you could have a 2000 degree fire ripping up your chimney, putting your home and family at risk, and threatening the safety of your neighbors’ homes.

Every year chimney fires claim hundreds of houses and many lives. Thousands more chimneys are damaged, but owners are relieved when emergency personnel are able to save their homes. The reason for a chimney fire is the collection of unburned tars and soot (creosote) in the chimney. All it takes is a little excess heat and away it goes – a runaway chimney fire! Have us assess and/or fix your chimney and avoid unnecessary damage.

Gas and oil heating systems need regular inspections and cleanings, too! It’s best to have regular check ups and tuning so that your heating system burns ‘cleanly’ and efficiently. When the burner isn’t just right, oil and gas heaters often make more soot in the chimney than a woodstove! This can lead to problems with masonry, carbon monoxide, and black soot in the house.

For your safety, please take these potential hazards seriously. Contact Michael Scanlon Chimney and Fireplace Services, Inc. to schedule regular inspections and cleanings!