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For fireplaces in the Hamptons, we're the Hamptons' - Long Island's East End - Hearth Specialists! Sag Harbor Fireplace offers quality service for your chimney, fireplace, and wood stove and an outstanding selection of hearth products. The most recognized and trusted name in the hearth industry for the Hamptons, Long Island, New York.

Buying A New Stove or Fireplace

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying A New Stove or Fireplace

Diane Hewett

Buying a new stove or fireplace? 

Like most people, you want a warm, comfortable home… a place where family and friends gather… Or, perhaps a refuge, providing solitude and protection.
Your dining room might look socially correct when the table is set; and your family room might have the newest furniture, but are these rooms actually warm and inviting?
With hundreds of different fireplaces and stove products available today, there’s no reason why every room in your home shouldn’t exude comfort and warmth.
Hearth products have changed dramatically in the last decade. There are now clean-burning and energy efficient wood stoves, fireplaces, and fireplace inserts that produce far less emissions and creosote. High tech pellet stoves and pellet inserts create a wood fire without hassle; and gas stoves, inserts and logs can be instantly ignited with the flick of a switch.
There are many styling options to suit your taste. You can choose a traditional black, steel wood stove: or, a sleek ultra-contemporary unit. There are also brightly-colored enamel freestanding stoves. Or what about a stove with a waterfall?
Purchasing a new stove of fireplace insert is a serious decision. It’s not just about price. If you want to add an insert or a log set-to an existing fireplace; or update your old inefficient wood stove, would your new product be compatible with everything else in your house? And, what do you do about periodic cleaning or checkups on your stove or insert?
Who can you trust to help you with these decisions?

Talk to a professional

The best place to go for information about stoves and inserts is a stove and fireplace shop. It’s their business!
From selection to installation- and even after the sale is complete, the fireplace and stove specialist is committed to customer satisfaction.

Choosing the right product
How can you be sure which stove or fireplace insert meets your criteria? A professional stove and fireplace specialist will take you through a checklist to tailor your selection to your individual needs.

What fuel is best for you?
Today there are stoves and fireplace inserts that burn wood, wood pellets, natural gas, propane, coal or oil.

Should you purchase a standalone stove – or a fireplace insert?
That depends on many other factors such as: whether you are using your hearth product as a primary heat source in your home: or, as a space heater: or, purely for ambiance.

Will the stove or fireplace insert you choose be compatible with venting, air circulation and other products in your home?
Your professional fireplace and stove specialist is well versed in the applicable codes in your area to be sure the product you choose will work with the construction of your home.

What size stove of fireplace insert is best for you?
The right product for the area in which it is used is important for your family’s safety and the production of your home.

Will the product you choose look right in your home?
Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but you still need choices to find the right style and color for your décor.

Installation: Also our specialty
When installing a hearth product in your home, safety is a paramount concern. A professional stove and fireplace specialist utilizes nationally certified installers trained by leading manufacturers in the country. These knowledgeable installers know that an improperly installed stove can result in fire or even carbon monoxide poisoning. Whereas a properly installed stove or fireplace insert can mean many years of warmth and enjoyment for you, your family and guest.

The sale doesn’t stop here 
A professional stove and fireplace specialist offers a wide range of services including inspections and maintenance. That means the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems are just a phone call away.